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Not just investing,
We're building

What began as a simple idea of combining expertise and resources between real estate investors, has grown into a team of over 30 real estate professionals and analysts. Today, the team is focused on acquiring, developing and managing commercial real estate assets. With the acquisition of a self storage facility in 2017, the partners realized the potential of the self storage industry and began to reset their sights on that asset class.


Company objectives outlined in the 3-year strategic plan include growing the syndication team, refining acquisition networks, improving property management systems to further expand our footprint in target markets, and developing a dynamic underwriting team to facilitate portfolio diversification.


As a vertically integrated investment firm, we have the unique ability to adapt quickly and control the entire life cycle of an asset from the acquisitions (or development) phase to management and disposition. Driven by our mission to deliver financial freedom and improve the financial futures of our team and investors, we aim to reach 150 million in assets by 2025.

At Oaktree Equity, our mission extends beyond investing in real estate, creating generational wealth and improving lives.

For the communities where we invest, our projects aim to implement improvement initiatives and create safe community environments. We champion adapative reuse by renovating abandoned properties into thriving centers that support small businesses or into modern, affordable housing.

For our investors, our goals are not only to produce passive income and foster growth, but to educate. We aim to improve the future of everyone in our company and our investors by paving the road to financial freedom.

With a combined two decades of real estate experience, our team utilizes a disciplined approach that focuses on risk mitigation, optimizing operating margins and proper positioning for asset disposition. We offer years of hands on property management experience, extensive continuing education, access to current market knowledge and a strong network of real estate professionals. 


Most importantly, our track record demonstrates that we understand value, which enables us to recognize ideal properties and respond quickly to exciting opportunities. Our current focus is on the development and acquisition of multi-family and self-storage facilities to add to our growing portfolio.

If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep... you will work until you die.
                  -Warren Buffett

Our Mission | We aim to vastly improve the financial future of our investors and our team by continuously adapting and improving the performance of all our assets.

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