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For whatever reason, you're looking to sell your self storage facility! Well, you've come to the right place.


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Not sure if you want to sell? We've been there ourselves. It's not a decision to be taken lightly, but when it's the right time, you will know. In the meantime, we're happy to give you an offer so that you have some more information to think on.

Do you have a "tricky" situation? Need a custom time frame?

One of the pros of working with us - we can be flexible and can work with your situation. We've got the track record and have handled a variety of situations from family issues to distressed properties (we buy AS-IS).

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What are the benefits of selling off-market or "for sale by owner"?


Avoid having to...

  • Provide personal information to random people you don't know

  • Deal with multiple showings and random unannounced people on your property

  • Make expensive renovations and improvements to be listing ready

  • Pay thousands of dollars in commissions

  • Give out your business finances and info to "tire kickers"

We buy self storage facilities.

You might be asking - why should I work with you? The short answer is - we work WITH you. As self storage owners and operators, we actually own facilities ourselves. Because of that, we understand the business so we keep it simple and we work with your wishes. We set ourselves apart is by working with owners on their time frame, with their problems and always keeping in mind their privacy. Basically, we're operators too so we understand how owners want to be treated and what's important.

  • We work with you, with your wishes.

  • We can move fast. Or slow, if you want.

  • We can keep everything confidential and private. (No one needs to know.)

  • No commissions or fees to worry about.

  • We're serious buyers and own multiple self storage facilities already.

  • We buy in as-is condition - you don't need to do anything.

  • We'll take you on a date first. Kidding, but we will come meet to shake hands on it. We're old school like that.​​

We understand and will work with your wishes - keeping it confidential, working with 1031 time frames, etc...

​We're not a corporate entity that works with a rigid set of rules, hands out 30 page contracts that will bury you in paperwork (we know, since we've dealt with those companies and well, it was a long process.)


Since we've been on both sides (buying and selling), we can bring our experience to help you to closing. Do you need to do a 1031 with your self storage property and have a time frame in mind? Check. Do you need a flexible time frame to get some things in order? No problem.​

We have experience both buying and selling a self storage facility.

We have a saying in the office - "coffee is for closers", and you bet we love our coffee. In all seriousness, our team has experience (a combined two decades of real estate transaction experience, and over a 100 CLOSED real estate transactions) and expertise (we currently own over 3000 units, and have properties in 5 states and counting). Our core values are to operate with integrity and determination and that means not wasting anyone's time and keeping it simple.