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Why invest with Oaktree Equity?

Since it started three years ago, has grown into a team of 14 dedicated individuals focused on acquiring, developing, improving and managing real estate assets. We have a combined two decades of experience acquiring and managing real estate projects. In addition to our goal of acquiring more self storage, as part of our 3-year (2020 - 2023) strategic plan, our objectives include building a syndication team capable of monetizing all opportunities, refining our in-house property management system and enhancing our asset management infrastructure to improve the financial performance of acquired assets. On the development side, our goals are focused on improving our project management timetables and developing a dynamic underwriting team to provide a competitive terms.

All this is to say - we specialize in self storage, we have the track record to show our experience and we're focused on growth.

What is your competitive edge?

As a vertically integrated company, we have the ability to control the entire life cycle of an asset. Our track history has proven that we can not only acquire performing assets, we are also capable of repositioning the most distressed facility into a valued asset.

Should I invest in self storage?

Maybe a decade ago, self storage wasn't really common news. Even now, among other investors, we find that most tend to visit other asset classes first.


Perhaps it's because the idea seems foreign, or not as clout-building and "sexy" as new multi-family acquisition or development... Now that we've been in the trenches for almost a decade: we can say it's one of our favorite investments. If you are looking for somewhere stable to put your money, a stress-free investment (compared to other types of commercial real estate, and especially residential real estate) and don't care about bragging rights, this is the way to go.

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